System Design

We will deliver a robust and reliable process infrastructure – a scaleable management system. Our support will be tailored to fit with your needs and existing skill set, for example we can provide:
Health checks, to give you an objective summary of existing arrangements
Process design, to provide integrated process definitions aligned with business objectives
Implementation support, to ensure processes are delivering the desired results
Formal audits, to demonstrate compliance with planned arrangements


We will support your staff development programme, enabling you to increase in-house business process management expertise. This can be provided as formal training or perhaps as in-house mentoring, resulting in your staff being able to define, implement and manage your process management system.


We will help you interpret, and comply with, standards, regulations, recognised good working practice or maybe specific customer requirements in a practical and suitable way. We can manage your certification project to ensure you obtain the external approvals necessary for your business.

Project Support

You can ensure your day-to-day business is not jeopardised by strategic activity. Ardgowan PM will manage and execute strategic projects, enabling you to address many objectives simultaneously.

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